Deviant Detours 2009

  • Fence, 2009. Mixed media. ©CARCC.

    Fence, 2009. Mixed media. ©CARCC.

  • Defence, 2009. Mixed media. ©CARCC.

    Defence, 2009. Mixed media. ©CARCC.


Exhibited at Kunsthaus Santa Fe, San Miguel de Allende.

“In thinking about systems for communicating our relationship to our neighbours I realized how many of my travel photographs of this century are of fences and other markers in China, Canada, India, and Cuba.

We admire beautiful fences and bristle at aggressive ones.  Scale, material, intention and use matter. Built interventions in the agrarian landscape can enhance or despoil it: rigid or permeable; threatening or inviting; inserted by consensus or in conflict, fences say a lot and do a lot.”

Jane Martin, Fence, Defence